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The development of the autonomously controlled formula in the team has been going on since 2019, when not only a team of new people with an interest in integrating autonomous steering into the already completed electrical formula began to come together, but also the car concept itself, which gradually began to materialize from early 2020.

In the summer of 2020, the DV section of our team with the newly built driverless formula was preparing for three international races. In addition to the home races of FS Czech Republic, the autonomous formula of eForce DV.01 had to fight for the best possible position in Spain and Germany! Due to the coronavirus crisis, the organizers of all races have decided to cancel this year.

In the autumn of the 2020 season, eForce was also the first Czech team to present a fully autonomous racing formula and is therefore the only Czech representative in the Formula Student Driverless competition. In addition to the propulsion and electronic units already known from the electric monopost, this vehicle is also equipped with other sensors, including stereo cameras and LiDAR, which allow it to perceive the surrounding world.

The first races of DV01 are waiting in the season 2021 where he will be able to show the ability of algorithms to run without a pilot. It is certain that DV01 is participating in the race in Spain thanks to the registration from last year. Participation in other races will be decided in the form of a knowledge test in the spring of 2021.