At the beginning of December, several members of our team took part in the BEST Hack Day competition. The technical assignment of the competition was prepared by representatives of companies such as Procter & Gamble Česko and Valeo. Valeo has been supporting the development and construction of the electric formula since 2016, which is why we were happy to enter the competition.

Valeo has been with us since the design of the first composite monocoque, the overall victory of the Formula Student Czech Republic 2018 international races, and currently the company is an important partner of the newly created autonomous formula DV.01.

The video shows the work of our team in a hackathon sponsored by Valeo, in which we placed second. Our autonomous formula is equipped with a LiDAR sensor from the manufacturer Ouster, which produces very similar data to the ones we encountered in the competition. When driving, we have to compile a spatial map of points from the data captured by LiDAR, according to which the position of the surrounding obstacles and the vehicle in space is evaluated.

Thank you too BEST Prague for organizing the competition!