As the second group, we arrived at Dubai International Airport on Sunday, February 6, 2. The very next morning we went to the EXPO2022 world exhibition grounds, where we went to Czech pavilion check the issued autonomous formula, inspect other exhibits and also visit the pavilions of other countries.

The third day was more formal, we obtained countless materials for our project group and provided the first interview for local journalists. In the evening, the singing ensemble Sextet plus made our singing ensemble more pleasant with its performance.

On the fourth day we went to the local university RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), where we met the local team developing the first electric monopost. The students took us around their new modern campus.

We had a looser program on Thursday and Friday. They always spent the morning in the pavilion and discussing with the visitors, in the afternoon visiting the beach and exploring the city center.

On Saturday, we welcomed RIT students to our Czech pavilion, presented them with basic information about the team and showed our formula. Subsequently, we discussed with students the various pitfalls of developing an electric formula that they may encounter. We believe that we will be in regular contact with the team and that we will be able to raise the cooperation to the level of the universities themselves. 

After a short lunch, journalists came to the Czech pavilion, so we had the opportunity to provide interviews on television Abu Dhabi TV (58 minutes) and Dubai One. In the end, we had a unique opportunity to enter live directly on Dubai One TV with streaming to the main dome of the entire complex within EXPO TV. Ondřej Štogl always spoke perfectly in interviews in English.

During the last day of the exhibition, we walked around several other pavilions and held meetings with representatives of the Czech Embassy. In addition to discussing the possibilities of cooperation with universities in the UAE, we received a lot of practical advice in the field of business and self-promotion. In the evening we visited the Dubai Autodrome, where a four-hour special race as part of the Asian Le Mans series took place. We had the opportunity to look directly into the pitfalls of individual teams and exchange a few words with members of the ARC Bratislava team. It was remarkable to find that professional motorsport does not differ from our student in many ways. At midnight we returned to the EXPO and packed the departure formula.

Monday was marked by saying goodbye to the organizers in the Czech house, absorbing the last impressions and leaving home.

The opportunity to be part of the rotating exhibition in the Czech House at the EXPO World Exhibition for two weeks was an unrepeatable experience and a great experience for us.