Dear eForce fans and supporters,
we had the opportunity to participate in the world exhibition EXPO2020 in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. With the autonomous formula it will be possible for us for a period of two weeks from 30.1 to 13.2. to be seen on a rotating platform directly in the Czech pavilion.

The unmanned formula DV.01 is the first such domestic car and one of the first in Europe. Conceptually, from a mechanical point of view, it is based on the seventh generation of the manned electric model. The eForce student team, under the auspices of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has been developing and building electric monoposts since 2010, and this year we will present the eleventh time to the world. The ability of fully autonomous driving is then ensured by a set of sensors led by LiDar and stereo cameras, whose signal is then processed using algorithms in an advanced computing unit. In his short tenure, he has already managed to reap international success, defeating teams from renowned universities such as the Dutch Delft and the American MIT in online competitions in the main discipline. At the races in Most, he then reached third place and thus the first podium.

However, we go not only to Dubai to present the scientific and technical level in the Czech Republic, but also to proudly represent the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the entire CTU in Prague. Meetings with representatives and industry can enrich our members with new information, current trends, broaden horizons, but also gain a lot of new contacts.

We will inform you regularly about our trip.

Thank you for your support!