Formula Student East 2017, day of static disciplines

Friday, July 21, was reserved for inspections and static disciplines. As we expected, we went through the remaining inspections without major problems - we were only delayed by the acceptance of the battery due to a fatal charger failure, but fortunately the replacement charger was provided by colleagues from the Bratislava Stuba Green Team and everything went well.

We were also waiting for a dynamic test, a rain test, a tilt test and a brake test. Rain test is a test that sprays the formula with water and does not cause a short circuit. In the tilt test, the formula is tilted to the 60 ° by the driver and must not slip off the ground. We passed the two tests without any problems.

We were curious how the formula will cope with the brake test, where after a short acceleration the formula brakes and has to be locked - all four wheels lock at once. This test is a challenge for many formulas, and many teams have to use several attempts to pass. Not so our formulas, which managed to meet the requirements on the first try!

In addition to overdrafts, the static disciplines, the Cost Report, the Business Plan Presentation and the Engineering Design Report, took place on the same day. In these disciplines, the formula is just a form and is rated from a variety of angles by its production, design and competitiveness in the potential market.

We were well prepared for all three static disciplines and brought a lot of printed presentation materials with us. Although the scoring is usually published with a daily delay - and we do not know the results yet - we already know from the feedback that we certainly did not disgrace and attracted the jury.

In the Cost Report, where the documentation of formula production is evaluated, we were particularly interested in the elaborated "Real Case", which is an assignment specific to each plant and where a problem is solved shortly in advance (usually received a maximum of two weeks in advance). This year, the task was to design a body-kit, ie an extension to the formula, to the terrain, ie with fenders and the like.

We received good feedback even during the EDR, when we assessed the design of the formula, the design procedures and the overall functioning of the team. Hopes are also included in the Business Plan, on which we have worked this year and believe in a good result comparable to the best teams in the world that also participate in the races here at Euroring.

We will find out the results of these disciplines tomorrow at the earliest - then the dynamic part will also begin, when the formula will finally go around the circuit. We have something to look forward to!