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The year 2016 has certainly shown the direction of the development of the only Czech electric formula. The concept, which includes a composite all-wheel drive, independent all-wheel drive and proprietary design electronics, has proven to be fully competitive, so FSE.06 will be developed with the emphasis on fine-tuning even the latest detail.

In this season, the emphasis is on simulating the driving characteristics of the monopost and the subsequent use to improve them. It will surely help to optimize a more efficient active air duplicator, overhauling drive components, and using axle stabilizers.

The experience gained in the field of composite structures also enables the final development of our own carbon 10 "rims.

 Frame (custom design) Composite single core composite sandwich structure with a main arc made of chromium-molybdenum high-strength steel welded by TIG
 Wheelbase 1540 mm
 Track (front / rear) 1296 / 1230 mm
 Car weight (without pilot) 192 kg
 Weight distribution (front: rear) 48,8: 51,2%
 Suspension of bicycles (own design) Independent all-wheel suspension, double A-arms of unequal length on both axles
 Suspension Pull-rod type on both axles, Öhlins shock absorbers
 Tires Front - AVON 16 × 7 10 ″
Rear - AVON 16 × 7 10 ″
 Rims (custom design) 10 ″ - carbon composite
 Engine Front - TG Drives M4 (2x9kW)
Rear - TG Drives N5 (2x47kW)
 Engine inverter (custom design) MiRy XBoss
 Maximum speed 9000 rpm
Maximum performance 112kW at 7260 rpm
 Maximum torque 882 Nm to 60 km / h
 Conversion (custom design) Planetary conversion (i = 5,3) at the front
Planetary gear (i = 6) at the rear
 Differential (custom design) Active electronic - each motor is controlled separately
Cooling (custom design) Water cooling of engines and power electronics, two cooling circuits
Brake system Disc brakes on all wheels, 2-circuit system
Adjustable braking effect distribution
In front 195 mm blades, ISA Racing callipers radial fastening
Rear wheel 185 mm, ISA Racing callipers radial fastening
Battery (custom design) SONY Li-Ion 96s8p 11C 20,8 Ah - total capacity
Total energy 7,1 kWh, rated voltage 345 V
Battery System Management (BMS)
Battery support frame - Kevlar and carbon composite
Electronics (custom design) CAN bus implementation
Active electronic differential
Traction control with your own accelerometer unit
Data Logger
Steering wheel & on-board display
Intelligent Current Sensor (ICS)

Captain of the team

Jan Kosina

Fakultní koordinátor

Ing. Vít Hlinovský, CSc.

Project group

Head: Kateřina Burešová
Anna Faltys
Tomáš Kazda
Marek Szeles
Tomáš Trnka
Jakub Vaník

IT Group

Head: Stanislav Tomášek
Martin Cejp
Allan Kálnay
Alex Marksfeld
Matthew Matula
Marek Tornóci

Electrotechnical group

Head: Lukáš Hostačný
Martin Cejp
Mark Gurevich
Miroslav Kopeček
Marek László
Jan Mánek
Adam Podhrázský
Jan Sixta
Pavel Stoudek
Jan Veselý
Jan Žolna
Ondřej Šereda

Mechanical group

Head: Zdeněk Machala
Gorazd Balejík
Kateřina Burešová
Adam Čumrda
Ondřej Hladík
Jindřich Karlíček
Tomáš Kazda
Tomáš Majer
Jan Ptáček
Radek Štěpánek
Jiří Teichman
Ondřej Uher
Petr Záruba
Michal Zbojovský
Adam Zezula


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