A week ago we returned from the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, where we showed EXPO 2020 organizers what all the student formulas can do. Representatives of local universities came to see our rides, where after dynamic demonstrations we also went to present our project and Czech Technical University in Prague.

If you have not heard of our trip to the United Arab Emirates yet, check out the report from Czech Television or read the press release published by CZ EXPO.

Events: Formula of Czech students in Abu Dhabi
Press release - "CTU student formulas were presented at the F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi"

We thank all the supporters of our project and especially CTU as well as the representatives of CZ EXPO for the opportunity to participate in driving with our formula directly on the Formula 1 circuit. It was an amazing experience for all participating members of our team and we hope with a much larger number of student teams.

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