New main hoop for eForce Driverless!

The new autonomous formula cannot do without the same safety features that define the rules of the Formula Student competition for the electric monopost. The protective frame - the so-called main hoop must be constructed of materials with precisely given properties and the geometric shape of the arch is relatively limited. Year after year, we had a problem with the production of the main hoop, because ordinary manufacturers are usually not able to implement the bends designed by us, and in addition, there are additional requirements for the self-driving formula, due to the location of sensors and cameras.

For our first autonomous formula, this year helped us with production MACH4x4. Where other manufacturers don't know what to do, v MACH4x4 production is not usually a problem! In addition to modifications to OFFROAD and SUV cars, they also deal with the construction of racing specials.

Thank you for bending the chrome-molybdenum pipe and especially for the possibility of cooperation. We look forward to working together next season!