Looking back at the CTU 2021 Race Day

On Wednesday, October 6, as usual, a recruitment event took place on the CTU campus, this year for the first time under the name of the CTU 2021 Race Day. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, combustion formula CTU Cartech from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Motorcycle CTU Lions from the Faculty of Transportation.

After the introductory speech of the moderator and rector of CTU doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., Who welcomed all visitors on a slightly rainy morning, was spoken by representatives of the individual teams. Each of the presenters briefly presented this year's main innovations of their cars and the racing successes achieved this season, which were definitely among the most successful. On behalf of the eForce team, in addition to the piloted FSE.X, we also introduced the autonomous formula DV.01, which proved to be in a great light, for example, at this year's prestigious races in Germany at the Hockenheimring.

Then the deans of the individual faculties took over the microphone. For the Faculty of Electrical Engineering prof. Mgr. Petr Páta, Ph.D., for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering prof. Ing. Michael Valášek, DrSc., And on behalf of the Faculty of Transport doc. Ing. Pavel HRUBEŠ, Ph.D., congratulated the students for the achieved results, thanked the sponsors for their support and, last but not least, handed over financial checks to the individual teams for the purpose of further development and innovation for the next season. The rector of CTU doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., Who thus expressed the university's support for the entire project.

Subsequently, dynamic demonstrations took place throughout the morning, during which the formulas and motorcycles regularly alternated while riding on an improvised track along Technická Street. Each of the demonstrations was followed by an interview with the individual pilots. They explained to the visitors what was happening in the team throughout the year, what students would expect if they joined the team, but also described the immediate feelings from managing their cars.

Our invitation was also accepted by several sponsors, for which we are very happy and we thank them. Thanks to the companies Škoda Auto as, Valeo and ElektraX, which exhibited their presentation stands at the event, visitors had the opportunity to talk to experts directly from practice and learn more about their products.

You can find the whole record of the event on our YouTube channels.