Due to the global pandemic, this year was not very favorable for student projects, however, our team still managed to bring two more electrical formulas into the world. In 2020, we managed to develop and build the first Czech autonomous student of the DV.01 formula and also work on a new conceptual design of the formula for the following season. There have always been big challenges in the Formula Student competition and we think that a nice couple of them are waiting for us next season. By stepping out of the comfort zone into the unknown and working on new projects, all members of our team move not only in their expertise, but also in person. We thank all the people who contributed to the opportunity to work on the development of formulas in such a unique project.

Our team will face new challenges in 2021. We appreciate the support of all fans, family members and industry partners. We wish you many successes in the new year and, above all, good health.