The racing season in 2022 was one of the most successful and at the same time the most challenging seasons in the history of the entire team. This year we once again showed how hard work, determination and team spirit can turn into unforgettable experiences and amazing results. We brought to the world the eleventh generation of the electric formula, and also completely innovated our unmanned single-seater. We entered the season with great success, first place in the Swiss races with the electric formula and fifth place in the Italian races with our autonomous formula.

We followed up this success with a beautiful second (EV) and third (DV) place at races in the Czech Republic. This was followed by the Hungarian Hungaroring, where we had to deal with a considerable number of challenges, but this did not stop us and we fought until the last moment. This year, we had the opportunity as the only team from the Czech Republic to fight for valuable positions at the most prestigious races in the Formula Student series, namely at the Hockenheimring in Germany. And the imaginary icing on the cake for the eForce team was the last race in the Croatian town of Novi Marof, where our electric formula took a beautiful second place. We couldn't have wished for a more successful end to the challenging racing season.

Thank you for your trust in the past year, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a carefree ride in 2023.