Plan of races for summer 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have participated in registrations for the International Student Competition, which take the form of online tests to assess the accuracy of the answers and the time taken by the teams to complete the test. The tests raise questions about competition rules and examples of engineering practice in the fields of electrical engineering, engineering calculations and vehicle dynamics. There are approximately 15 questions in each test and the whole team works together to find the right answers.

This year's registrations for our team were a bit more complicated than previous seasons. We are going to go to the races this season with two formulas. In addition to the new electric formula FSE 09, our autonomous formula also registered for the races. Race registration tests usually take place at the same time for all categories. So our team had to count on some races and fill in two quizzes at once. During filling, the atmosphere in the room was even more hectic than in previous years. Fortunately, almost the entire team was involved in the completion, and therefore two tests at once were not a big problem.

After the results were published, the team management decided to participate in 5 races with the electric formula and 3 races with the newly built autonomous formula. Both cars will go to Formula Student Czech Republic and Formula Student Spain. The formula will be divided into other races. If the coming months are going to run smoothly, this season will be unique for our team in terms of the number of races and hopefully the successes we will try to win.

Follow our site and social networks and keep your fingers crossed in the coming months as you build both cars!