Invitation to our first lecture from the series "Evenings with electroformula"

Does motorsport even make sense without racing drivers? And how do autonomous racing formulas build directly at CTU? In the debut lecture of the series "Evenings with Electroformula", we will look under the hood of the development of the first Czech life-size self-driving formula. CTU students who work directly on the project will give lectures.

Evenings with electroformulum are a series of lectures where it is possible to look inside the unique project of electric motorsport development in the academic environment. The eForce student team, which has been working at CTU for the past ten years, discusses the problems it encounters in designing and building a formula and introducing its engineering solutions.

Don't miss the pilot lecture that will take place already 21. 1. 2020 from 19:00 in classroom T2: C3-337 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU. This lecture will be followed by three more during the summer semester. The organizational structure of the eForce team consists of four sections that work closely together and each has an irreplaceable role for the team. Further lectures will be held in March, April and May. All divisions will present their annual work and the pitfalls they encounter. You will listen to the many years of experience of students who undergo a complex engineering practice during their studies.

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