Premature end of this season

Dear partners and friends of the team,
initially we would like to thank you very much for this year's support, with which we have been able to improve our current monopost. Unfortunately, in the motorsport, the fortune is very lethal and after the success of the races in Canada and the USA, we have not even avoided problems. In the final tests of the FSE.05x before the upcoming races in Győr Hungary, there was an incident that forced us to end the racing season prematurely. The incident was caused by the unpredictable behavior of the car and, despite all the efforts, the pilot failed to avert the accident. Damage to the chassis and front axle is unfortunately so extensive that it is no longer possible to put the formula into 100% racing. Fortunately, neither the pilot nor any of the attendants has been injured.

The monopost is already working at this moment and will be used for presentation purposes after repairs and we will use it to design a new model. We leave the incident with bitter lessons, but with more commitment to the next season.

At this difficult moment, we appreciate the more you favor. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you in the coming months and we will be able to evaluate the season together.

For the eForce FEE Prague Formula,
Bc. Jan Kosina