Premiere in static disciplines at FS Spain

Yesterday we spent a hard day at Formula Student Spain again, this time in static disciplines. As soon as we arrived in the morning we had to prepare for the first presentation of the day, which was the Cost Report. This time also our most experienced member in this discipline, Tomáš Kazda, took part. Read his impressions from the presentation:

We were well prepared for the Cost Report presentation, but one hour before the presentation we found out that we had a different spreadsheet format, so we focused our presentation more on explaining prototype production and serial production capabilities. The judges liked this part very much and had almost no reproach. By the next year, we can prepare more data and case studies on the environmental impact of monopost production and on financial decisions in the selection of components. Overall, the presentation turned out well, but due to the poor format of the tables, we probably will not get some points from this discipline

At the end of the Cost Report, we did not stop for a moment and immediately began to prepare the writing environment and all the necessary documents for the Engineering Design Report. Commissioners arrived at 12: 00 and our premiere of this royal static discipline started here in Spain. After the presentation we all agreed that the demandingness of all static disciplines here is considerably higher than at the other races we have done this season.

The commissioners were not interested in our prepared presentations, but were mainly interested in the expertise of each individual team member in his area, but also in the overall overview of the entire concept of the formula. The focus was also on the processes in the team and all the planning of individual procedures, which lead to only one goal - to build a new monopost that will be reliable in the races and with it the whole team will reap great results. Last but not least, they were also very detailed in financial management, for example. The Engineering Design Report is no longer just about the design of the formula itself, but also about the overall concept of the new race car, the goals on the basis of which our monopost was created and the systemic approach to managing the entire team.

Throughout the day we tried to complete all technical scrutineering in our spare time. Follow our social networks, where we add our experience from the current events and look forward to more articles here on the web!