One week after we packed the formula in a shipping box and sent it by plane to Dubai, our group of four set out. On a night flight from Saturday to Sunday, we arrived at the airport early in the morning and went straight to the EXPO.
The complex opens to the public at 10:00 and by that time all the exhibits must be in place. Despite tiredness, we threw ourselves to work with the same commitment as at the races. Within half an hour, the formula was unpacked, built on wheels, and ready for presentation.
We spent the morning placing the formula in a place in the Czech Pavilion's exposition. The position at the entrance to the pavilion under the sculpture Cloud by Jan Dostál proved to be the best solution.

Our autonomous formula is exhibited in the pavilion as part of the two-week CZ-EX Machina exhibition, during which the Czech Republic presents its technical skills and experience with a demonstration of its own machines and equipment. In addition to the formula, you can see, for example, the Zikmund pipeline inspection and repair system, autonomous warehouse robots from the Mail Order or an electric surfboard from the Jetsurf company.

On the second and third day, we dealt mainly with formal matters, we finally got a little oriented in the area and had the opportunity to visit several foreign pavilions.We used Tuesday night to explore the city and went to see the Burj Khalifa.

On Wednesday morning, before the opening of the complex, we drove out in front of the pavilion and took a few photos with the blue mascot of the Czech Technical University. Then we moved the formula to its final location on the first floor of the pavilion for the sign "Czech Republic the country for future", where the formula is accompanied by footage from our races.

After we solved everything we needed, we planned a vacation. We spent Thursday and Friday relaxing and going to the historic center, before our return to Prague for school duties and work on the production of new cars.

Saturday was our penultimate day in Dubai, and coincidentally, a concert by the band Mirai was planned for Saturday in the Czech pavilion. That evening, several dozen Czechs, most of whom lived in Dubai for a long time, gathered in the pavilion. So we had the opportunity to present ourselves, talk and finally say goodbye to colleagues from the pavilion.

The plane took home at 17:10 p.m., so we just prepared things for the second group in the morning, packed up, and headed for the airport.