Dear partners, fans and school representatives,

Our team has just completed one of the most difficult seasons to date. Our two cars have competed in eight races in total across all of Europe. We began our season with the biggest challenge, that being to partake in two races at the same time in two different countries. Our piloted formula premiered in Swiss city of Zürich, which couldn’t have ended better. It finished in first place overall, excelling in the majority of static and dynamic disciplines alike. In the meantime, the driverless formula was racing around the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in the Italian city of Varano de' Melegari. As one of the few, our autonomous beauty was able to take part in almost all dynamic disciplines and overall won a beautiful fifth place.

A week after that, both our cars were shown on home soil, at races in Most, where they followed up the successfully started season with other great placements. The piloted formula reached second place overall and the autonomous celebrated its first podium finish of the season with a fine third place. This was followed by a two-week break, which we took advantage of by intensively testing both formulas. A marathon of three consecutive races in Hungary (piloted + autonomous formula), Germany (piloted formula) and Croatia (piloted formula) awaited us. The first races awaited us on the famous Hungarian Hungaroring, where Formula 1 single-seaters raced one week before our competition. However, not everything always goes according to plan, and serious problems with the battery unit in the pilotless formula meant that we lost a significant number of points and finished 19th overall. Luck did not favor our piloted formula either. After many technical problems that deprived us of a podium position, our formula placed 9th overall. All these pitfalls cost us good positions, but all team members fought until the last moment, never gave up, everyone pulled together and confirmed that eForce is not just any project, but really a matter of the heart.

After the FS East races in Hungary, we moved with our piloted formula to circuit v Hockenheim, Germany. These races are considered to be one of the most prestigious of the entire Formula Student series, and our piloted formula was the only one representing the Czech Republic here. Among the very numerous and strong global competition, the eForce team won a beautiful 24th place. The cherry on the cake, which concluded a very demanding season, was the race at circuit ST Raus in the Croatian city of Novi Marof. Despite the great fatigue of the members after all the races, our piloted formula was very successful. After brilliantly mastering all the tests, static and dynamic disciplines, the sweetest reward awaited us in the form of a win in the royal discipline of Endurance, which secured us second place overall.

The racing season is over and we are fully concentrating on the development of the groundbreaking twelfth generation of our electric formula. Why groundbreaking? The biggest news we are preparing for the following season is a completely new formula concept that will combine our two single-seaters into one. We are working on the development of a piloted electric formula enriched with autonomous systems, which will be able to drive both with and without a driver.

We would like to thank you for all your support of our team. We are glad that you allow us to keep moving forward and coming up with new technologies. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve such a great position.