The beginning of cooperation Formula Student teams eForce and Full Blue Racing (FBR) located at University of Cambridge dates back to 2020, when today alumni member Marek Szeles made his first contact during his postgraduate studies at Cambridge and began to help the local team as an experienced advisor. Since then, countless video meetings have taken place to find out how well the two teams can benefit each other, and we have also found that the FBR team used some of our publicly available materials as a useful resource before we could work together. At Cambridge, the FBR team is still building only a combustion monopost, but they plan to switch to electric power as soon as possible. With our experience of building 11 successful monoposts, we decided to help them in the difficult beginnings with the design of the first vehicle and the challenges of team expansion. On the contrary, based on the emerging cooperation, we can long-term use a very strong connection with one of the best and most respected universities in the world, including their resources, opportunities and contacts.

We managed to materialize the ongoing cooperation this year, and on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, an 11-member group from the eForce team went on a trip abroad to one of the most famous university cities. We received a warm welcome from the FBR team, and after dinner we fine-tuned the last details for the next day, which was already a workday. On Wednesday morning, we had the opportunity to attend several very interesting lectures at the university and got our own picture of how teaching abroad goes on. After a quick lunch, however, the cards were turned over, and this time it was us who prepared a lecture on the topic of autonomous and electric mobility not only for students, but also for the wider academic community and general public. Ondřej Štogl, Marek Szeles and Michal Kopiar received great applause and the experience of the presentation directly on the campus of the University of Cambridge after such greats as Sir Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking is priceless. We are preparing a recording of the lecture for publication.

In the following days, the remaining members of eForce also came to the presentation. For the needs of the FBR team, each of us prepared a presentation on the area that the team focuses on, and thus sparked a discussion that lasted throughout our stay. In addition to getting closer to the members of the Full Blue Racing team, we also had the opportunity to look at several university dormitories - so-called "colleges", which not only function as a place to stay, but also as a functioning part of the academic community with lectures, seminars and own budget. . We also received a private tour of the entire Engineering Department, including the supersonic wind tunnel, and participated in the so-called Community Open Day, the equivalent of an open day at Cambridge University. Here we attended several other workshops, established contact with other students and professors, and presented the team, faculty and university to those interested in studying from all over the world.

The eForce Journey is the first pilot project to help launch significantly larger collaborations, not only at the interfaculty level but also between the universities themselves. CTU in Prague and Cambridge. As the first Formula Student team in the Czech Republic, we can be proud of our partnership with one of the most renowned universities, currently the third in the world according to the QS rankings. We hope that the cooperation will continue to flourish and we will soon be able to look forward to a visit from the FBR team in Prague. We are ready and we are looking forward to our colleagues and friends.

We thank all our partners and sponsors for their support in the Czech Republic and abroad. We believe that in this way we prove that we deserve it.