Cooperation with PEG

PEG spol. s ro is a Czech company with a thirty-year tradition that deals with power electronics and industrial automation. We started working about a year ago when we were looking for a new switching power supply to charge our formula. At a meeting with the company's representatives, we agreed on a long-term loan of a switched DC power supply SP-R from their charger portfolio.

This power supply became the reliable basis of our new charger, which served us throughout the 2019 racing season. Thanks to its small size and robust construction, the power supply worked reliably even under relatively demanding conditions of transport to races and various tests. The charging power of the source is up to 12 kW, so charging the battery of the racing formula is fast, which is a great advantage during the demanding time program at the summer Formula Student races. Together with the user-friendly control, the PEG source has become an irreplaceable part of our equipment.

We recently consulted PEG experts to charge our future 600 V batteries. They offered to optimize our switching power supply to meet new requirements. Only a few weeks passed and we were able to pick up a modified 600 V charging source that will reliably charge our future monoposts in the coming seasons.

With this article we would like the company PEG spol. s ro to thank them for their support in the field of charging our electrical formulas and we look forward to further cooperation in the coming years.

Website of PEG spol. s ro