We unpacked our FSE.08 in Abu Dhabi on Yas Marina circuit!

On Wednesday, February 12, we left Prague for the United Arab Emirates, where we will be preparing our formula for the rides in front of the organizers of the accompanying program EXPO 2020 and other important visitors. Immediately after arriving at Dubai International Airport we went to Abu Dhabi, where we stayed and because our unpacked formula was not yet on the racing circuit, we set off to the nearby beach and also to the giant Yas Mall.

In the morning of the next day we went straight to the famous Yas Marina circuit, where we filled in the morning waiting for a box of all our stuff to visit the local drinks and watch Formula 4 races. but even sit down in his formula. It was a great experience for our pilots and at the moment they are even more motivated to give great performance on Sunday's racing. We were also able to watch racing specials directly from the finish line and before the arrival of the Formula Container we looked at the famous podium, where even the best Formula 1 drivers stood.

Early in the afternoon the container truck arrived at the racing circuit and we immediately began unpacking. Although the carriers to our container were not completely tender, fortunately our formula suffered no harm. After the dismantling of the container we immediately started the basic servicing of the formula, which we will continue in more detail tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will have to vent the brakes thoroughly, install the battery and test all the functions of the formula. Tomorrow for the first time after unpacking, we will spin the Formula wheels and brake the wheels to be fully prepared for Sunday's rides.

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