Results of races in Spain

After a short pause we bring you a report from the last day of the Spanish races. After the successful acceleration we performed the basic service of the formula and we were looking forward to our performance in the Autocross discipline.

We got on the autocross track full of expectations. Our formula successfully started and started the race with a roaring cheering of the whole team from the stands. In the first run our pilot Jakub Sedlář drove the 68,041 time and ranked the performance of our formula slightly above average rivals times. In the second run, he managed to significantly improve the time on 65,649 s. This time and the fact that both rides drove purely without skittles, was enough in a crowded competition for a nice 12. place. The endurance race Endurance should be entered only between the last 12 teams and we had a lot of time to service and the necessary car settings for this discipline.

We arrived at the start of Endurance well in advance. The Commissioners have repeatedly and thoroughly checked that our car is in compliance with the rules and have not been able to find any defects. On command, we headed for the starting line, but while trying to start the monopost, we encountered a technical fault that did not allow us to turn on the high-voltage systems of the formula. In the heat of the heat we tried to find the defect and fix it, but unfortunately we did not get enough time from the organizers and we did not have time to enter the race. Disappointment was almost palpable throughout the team…

Completed Endurance is an important element of the overall assessment. In the absence of this race, we expected that we would not reach the top 10.

Complete race results are:

Engineering Design: 14. place
Business Plan Presentation: 6. place
Cost & Manufacturing: DNF

Acceleration: 6. place
Skid Pad: DNF
Autocross: 12. place
Endurance: DNF

In total, we gained 258,6 points at the races due to a penalty from Cost & Manufacturing and failure to enter two dynamic disciplines.

The races in Spain were an unforgettable experience for us. We hoped for better placement at the first time our team participated in these races, but a series of minor technical problems and a few organizational mistakes took away our hopes for the result. At this event we eventually occupied 23. place from 39 teams category with electric drive. Instead of significant success, we have gained a lot of experience from the races, which will hopefully turn our team into a significant result shift next year. The Spanish races were the best of our calendar this year and we will try to visit the circuit near Barcelona next season.

We would like to thank all those who received our support for these races. We know that without the support of the Czech Technical University in Prague, our sponsors, supporters and all of our loved ones, we would not be able to face the world's top and experience the incredible adventures that such an event offers. We tried to represent our school as well as the Czech Republic as well as possible. We have not disgraced our performances at these races, but we feel we can do much more. Only with your support for next season will we be allowed to try to prove that in our team and formula there is the potential to fight for the highest ranks!

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it.