We are developing our own simulator

We are constantly advancing the development of racing cars in eForce. Last season, we successfully introduced the first autonomous formula in the Czech Republic and the ninth generation of electric monopost. Unfortunately, we did not see the races, but our motivation was even greater to make the most of our holiday time and prepare for the next season even more thoroughly. In the summer of 2020, we came up with the idea of ​​starting a new project - to build our own simulator for pilot training and testing the properties of the monopost during the design phase of the season.

We pay attention to its reliability for each monopost. We regularly test the formulas so that we can use their performance one hundred percent at the races and prevent all possible mistakes. But the details decide among the best. The performance of the formula alone does not guarantee success, the skills and readiness of the pilot also play a key role. Ergonomics and optimal car settings for every discipline and track condition are also important. The simulator is able to help with all this, so we decided to start its construction. In addition, we will be able to drive him to promotional events and our fans will be able to experience what it is like to be a pilot of the eForce team.

Simulator rollout

The first public demonstration of the simulator at the discovery of new monoposts in 2020

We have determined the key features of our new simulator. We will use the pedals from an older monopost and adjust them so that they are able to communicate with the simulator software. We will produce a new monocoque and aeropacket and add wheels to make the simulator resemble a race car as closely as possible. We will place a professional steering wheel base in the monocoque with a response simulating real driving. We fit the base with the steering wheel directly from the current formula model. We connect everything to a powerful computer and a large widescreen display on the front of the simulator.

We consulted several experts and professional car racers on the construction of our simulator. We finally lent the steering wheel base from the international company Elektra X. This company has been developing products for over 15 years and offers professional racing simulators for top riders, which we had the opportunity to try out in person when visiting the showroom in Prague. Driving in a professional simulator is a great experience not only for car enthusiasts. On the Elekta X website www.myrace.cz you have the opportunity to order a ride or buy a gift voucher and give gifts to your loved ones.


Construction for testing pilot ergonomics

Immediately after its completion, we used the finished simulator to design the ergonomics of the pilot of the jubilee tenth FSE.X monopost. We attached the steering wheel base to a structure that allows you to quickly and easily change the position of the pilot's body, steering wheel and pedals, and thanks to it we were able to practically try out several design variants. By completing many virtual kilometers, we verify which ergonomics of the car will be most advantageous for our pilots, and we modify the design of the FSE.X so that the pilot has optimal conditions for the best performance on the track.

The simulator opened a new door for us not only during pilot training, but also testing the car's properties and optimizing the design. We believe that with his help we will move our performances one level up again. Thanks to Elektra X for your support!