This season, all official races of this season have been canceled due to a global pandemic for safety reasons. However, the organizers of Formula Student East and Formula Student Netherlands have found a new way not to throw away the year-round work of the teams. Historically, the first races were created, which took place without the physical participation of all student teams. The organizers had to be creative and replace common racing disciplines. Dynamic disciplines replaced driving on the simulator and even static disciplines underwent minor changes and even completely new disciplines were created!

Detailed results of the DV team:

Overall 4th place 571,1 points (1 points)

Concept Design Challenge 3rd place 40 points (1 points)

Business Plan Presentation Event 2nd place 189,1 points (1 points)

Engineering Design Event 4th place 259 points (1 points)

Static Overall 4th place 488,1 points (1 points)

Fun Activity Videos 2nd place 43 points (1 points)

Autocross 3rd place 30 pts (1 pts)

Computer Vision Challenge 3rd place 0 points (1 points)

Trackdrive Final 3rd place 10 points (1 points)

Virtual Driverless Event 4th place 40 points (1 points)

You can watch the race record on youtube (English commentary).

The driverless group in our team tried the races, albeit virtual, for the first time. Lots of new members were preparing for the disciplines from scratch and the output of their work was really respectable. In the dynamic disciplines, the team managed to start the car for the first time in the simulation with their own algorithms, and even if the resulting scoring does not match, they completed the simulated race as the only participating team.

The team working on the documents for the part of the team working on the electric monopost fought in 6 disciplines. In the dynamic disciplines, our pilots did not do very well and in the dynamic part of the race, we placed 17th out of 21 teams. We won 11th place in the static disciplines, which was no shame in the competition of the participating teams. In addition to presentations on the technical design of the formula, you and the team also created materials for the presentation of the business plan or we shot videos for the so-called Fun Challenge. In the last named discipline, we won the overall first place in online races. Take a look at an example of the videos we have prepared for the races.

The task of this video was to shoot the production of an omelette from two eggs in 60 seconds and add a commentary to the video, as commented by real Formula Student races by commentators on the track.

In another of several disciplines, the task was to demonstrate the so-called Raintest, but without the use of a car.

Detailed results of the EV team:

Overall 10th place 724,3333 points (1 points)

Concept Design Challenge 21rd place 6 points (1 points)

Business Plan Presentation Event 5nd place 233,3 points (1 points)

Engineering Design Event 12th place 385 points (1 points)

Static Overall 11th place 624,3333 points (1 points)

Fun Activity Video 1st place 50 points

Autocross 17th place 16 points, best time 93,84 (1 pts, 50)

FSO Super Special 16th place 34 points (1 points)

Dynamic Overall 17th place 50 points (1 points)

We thank all those who provided us with both mental and material support in today's uncertain times. Without you - sponsors, universities, fans, families and loved ones - we could never do what fills and entertains us so much.

We hope that the security situation in the world will calm down and next summer we will ride the bike with the new monoposts, competing with the best universities on the racing circuits.

Thank you for your support!