Race Germany - For the first time and with success

Day one - Monday

The first day at FS Germany was in the spirit of unpacking, building pits and the first inspections.

For the DV group, this meant battery control, pre-scrut and mechanical control. Due to the short time, we did not manage to go through the whole scrut on the first attempt, however, all the problems identified so far seem solvable.

The same situation was for the EV group, which had only the acceptance of the battery on the program. This is one of our strongest components this year, so our fighters only had to fine-tune the details.

Day Two - Tuesday

The next day was marked by the continuation of technical inspections, in the morning both teams managed to complete the acceptance of the battery and the first stickers were born.

The DV team continued all day to meet the mechanical and electrical control and all problems were gradually overcome and solved. The EV team, on the other hand, managed a spectator-attractive egress test, in which all four pilots managed to safely jump out of the monopost on the first attempt within 5 seconds. We are so glad that they would be safe in the event of an extremely unlikely incident. In addition, except for the necessary minor adjustment of the pilot's headrest, they almost managed to complete the mechanical acceptance. In the evening we got the opportunity to participate in the popular FSG Quiz. Ondra Štogl alias our Óňa did not get lost from afar, and in addition to his knowledge and team spirit, he managed to win the second place and a lot of interesting prizes from the sponsors of the competition.

Day Three - Wednesday

On the third morning, we all felt pressured. On this day, we need to manage all the inspections so that we can take part in the dynamic disciplines from Thursday morning. As early as Tuesday, we were registered for a mechanical re-scrut for both cars. The pilot's support and finding its ideal position to meet the rules for both our top pilot and Percy's 95th percentile shot did not work, but we succeeded and another sticker was on the car. The electrical inspection was exactly as we expected it. Detailed, difficult, strict, relentless, but a huge school for the boys and a success that they managed. The DV team was similarly successful, passing the mechanics and complete electrical acceptance with the ease of a butterfly, including the demanding unmanned part. It remained to master the "practical" part of the inspections. Unfortunately, the EV team had to end their efforts after the Tilt test with Rain due to the rainbow flashing beacon (they only have to flash bright red). The DV team was a bit more successful, but during the brake test our leader and at the same time the only pilot of the drone failed to block the wheels.

Day Four - Thursday

If by chance we didn't feel under enough pressure on Wednesday, then definitely for now. Dynamics knock on the door and we just have to catch it! So at 6:30 we arrived at the racetrack and prepared the cars so that we could be the first in the Rain test for EV and the Brake test for DV. Although we had to forgive ourselves for morning swimming and sauna, it paid off. In an hour we had everything ready and we could run to the track to show our art.

The piloted formula started with Skidpad - a ride on the track in the shape of an eight, testing the car's grip in corners. The already relatively experienced pilot Óňa went to the track first and did not do badly at all. A team such as the Dutch Delft was able to bother with its times, and the result was the overall 9th ​​place out of 38 competing teams with an average of 5,156 seconds per round. The best time to accelerate was set by our pilot's hopes for the future, Tomáš, who, despite an untuned setting, finished in 11th place with a time of 3,788 seconds. The drone team celebrated another great success and move forward. Unfortunately, the acceleration could not be completed due to a damaged connector in the steering actuator, however, during autocross, the formula drove more than half a wheel and for the first time was able to maneuver between the skittles on its own. We couldn't tell what improvement awaited us from both teams on Friday

Day Five - Friday

Friday was calmer in terms of the number of disciplines, but it was starting to get tough. For the DV team, the royal discipline Trackdrive was on the program in the morning for 10 laps. We managed not only to build on a successful Thursday, but to move it one level up. Seeing the car itself, without the intervention of a person to drive 2 and a half laps and competing directly with the world's best teams was a huge experience that each of the participants will remember for a long time. 6th place out of 17 teams tells everything.

"Electricity" started its autocross in the afternoon. The first pilot Pepa set a solid time and especially brought important feedback for setting and tuning the parameters for Cuba. He leaned in his own way and conjured the 11th best time of 52,7, which prepared an interesting starting position for tomorrow's endurance race among quality teams, but also brought a solid portion of points.

Closing day - Saturday

Saturday was the day of packing, leaving home… But also the culmination of the entire competition in the form of endurance discipline endurance. Pepa was the first to go on the track with a charged battery and with the best wheel of 53,5 he held on together with the teams around us, despite the need to manually reset the inverters during the course. After a slightly longer driver change, when a beacon that was not working for a while, Kubajs went on the track. His entire section had to run on only 3 engines, but he still set the best time of 52,0 and would get us to a beautiful 7th place. Unfortunately, the problem with the beacon did not bode well, and due to the long discharge of the high voltage system after its shutdown, the judges decided to disqualify us as one of many teams.

Despite the final bittersweet endurance, which we completed, but without points, we leave Germany enthusiastically and proud of our work. With our results, but also with optimism and comfort, we re-entered the Formula Student map. This time for the first time ever in German. We are full of motivation for further work and catching FSE.X, but before that we will fight for the last time this season for the result at FS Alpe Adria in Croatia.

Thank you to all partners for your support, without you, we would not have made it!

You can see the record from the successfully completed royal discipline Endurance of the FSE.X electric monopost on the official record of the organizers of Formula Student Germany. FSE.X will be leaving at 4:00:53.